Ausstellung im Senatssaal 2012
(Exhibition in Senatssaal)

-Collaboration with Marit Wolters and Sophie Altmann-

"Attention makes perception."

‚Ausstellung im Senatssaal‘ is a sitespecific installation in the ‘Senatssaal’ in Dresden’s Academy of Fine Arts. The installation consists of three replicas of
functional elements in the room; a fuse box made out of ceramic, a ventilation grille made out of cardboard paper, and a radiator pipe out of wood. Most visitors
to the exhibition space are students and school faculty members. They have already moved through the area many times before and thereby think they are
familiar with the space. But are they really? On entering the exhibition space a visitor confronts a seemingly empty room. The three installed pieces are subtle
yet distinctive enough to be discovered after longer observation. It is this subtlety which forces the observer to look deeper in/at the room and pay attention to
its smaller features. It is through this process that one discovers not only the exhibited pieces, but also re-discovers the “Senatssaal”. The installation works as
an instrument shedding light on a blind spot of the exhibition space. By doing so, it challenges the visitor to break their habit of perceiving spaces and art.
Ultimately it poses the question of exactly how habitually perceived spaces differ from existing space.