(occupied) 2017

MDF boards, wooden beams, halogen reflector, ca.450x155x50 cm

Project 'AUSSER HAUS-Künstlerische Inventuren im Raum der Stadt'

How do we fill an empty space?

The window, precisely a glass pane of the window is an interesting place. It is the place where inside and outside,
and seeing and being seen interweave. It lets you see through the other side of the window and reflects the side
where you stand at the same time. In the empty storefronts however, reflection prevails. Reflection here thus means
being empty, not occupied, disruption of activities, a void of the urban space.

The installation ‘Anwesend‘ is not trying to fill this void, but rather to emphasize the storefront staying empty.
The installation, which is a huge black wall with cutout windows, blocks the storefront completely. The show window
turns into a black mirror and reflects the empty street. Amid of the reflection four brightly lit cutout windows of the
wall are visible. They are covered with thin blinds so one cannot see clearly through them in the show window.
The lit windows give one a feeling that there might be someone or something happening inside. It‘s a simulation
of being occupied.

During the exhibition the door stays closed. Passers-by can see the piece only through the storefront.
There is no activity going on inside other than the light goes on and off every day automatically by the timer.
Like an empty house where everyone left for vacation.The work is not only an optical play using the materiality
of the window pane but also a question to the meaning of occupying, presence and absence.